To support Omani entrepreneurs, SAWA was established in 2018 by a group of established Spanish and Omani companies with more than 30 years of experience in implementing SAP solutions and providing internet services. SAWA is dedicated to delivering SAP solutions and technological services that help to grow businesses in Oman. Through digital transformation, SAWA strives to drive businesses and economic growth – and create jobs across the region.

SEIDOR has successfully implemented thousands of projects across the globe and armed with highly experienced consultants, 35+ years of expertise in implementing SAP solutions, and being a reliable partner for its customers, SAWA will help to reinforce Oman companies to leading position in the regional market.


SAP Solutions and Offerings

We share more than 35 years experience of implementing SAP Solutions through Seidor Group


Explore Digital Revolution


Digital Transformation

We have the knowledge, experience and we know your needs. Experience true digital transformation and elevate your business into next level

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Strategic Partnership

Simplify your digital transformation journey to cloud and move faster, run business smarter, changing fundamentally doing business

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Recharge Your Business

Recharge and reinvent your business processes through smooth IT environment and data management without technology complexities 

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Sawa Technology LLC
Muscat – Sultanate of Oman,
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